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The 2022 Aire Beach Wedding dresses feature a unique wedding style that’s perfect for those with a Mediterranean soul.







Wedding dresses for beach weddings

The Aire Beach Wedding dresses reinterpret the essence of the Mediterranean, with a nod to the firm’s origins, and propose wedding styles with a carefree feel but are nonetheless very special. A clear example are the outfits featuring bikini necklines or the gowns with corseted sides on the bodice. Bridal garment options as fresh as they are young, captivating brides who envisage celebrating their matrimonial union to the love of their life with the sea glistening in the background.

Lace wedding dresses

The range of lace-bodiced wedding dresses will be turning heads too: enhancing the sweetness and romanticism factor with floral micro-patterns and spectacular inlays with fine lace edging and rows of beadwork.

And, although the collection predominantly features flowing designs, there is also room for the more body-hugging mermaid wedding dresses, which combine skirts made of tulle, georgette, and muss -a star fabric in many of the 2022 collections by the brand- with bodices featuring geometric lace.