Our most sensual, diaphanous collection offers informal styling designed for the open air that brings out the bride’s natural feminine beauty. The meticulously crafted sheath and A line silhouettes celebrate the bride’s figure to create an irresistibly flattering look.






Weightlessness and simplicity define the brand’s most laid-back bridal gowns, the perfect choice for an open air ceremony at the beach, in the countryside or even in the city. These informal, summer-inspired gowns unrestrained by heavy volume or structuring are designed for brides who want to feel fully at ease on their big day.

The summer styling is brought to the fore by the collection’s open back wedding dresses, a contemporary favourite. Aire Beach Wedding offers a wide selection of open backs — square, V, round, crossover and more — that firmly place the focus on the rear in these searingly modern bridal looks.

Conventional beading gives way to lace edging that enriches beautiful bodices and highlights waists and backs with subtle details that add an air of glamour to essentially simple wedding dresses.

Diaphanous fabrics like tulle and silk muslin are another of the stand-out features of the Aire Beach Wedding line’s wonderfully feminine gowns with stunning full skirts. For brides who want to look their most seductive in white, the collection’s eye-catching necklines are a fail-safe choice. Meanwhile, for those seeking trend-setting originality, Aire Beach Wedding’s jumpsuits are simply without equal.